The power of positive attitude and determination

People regard certain ideal circumstances, events and persons as a key factor to joy in life.

But practical world suggests to us the falsity of the above conclusion. 

Some aspirants ,regardless of whatever they aspire for find themselves in embrace of luck and favourable circumstances very soon ( as soon as  they start efforts ).

But others, however hard they work find success in their endevours elusive. Success and failure in the relative world depends on a lot of factors. Some are within our influence. Other factors are beyond our influence. 

Our failures are not necessarily 'our' failures. Our personalities as well as that of others' are energy patterns. Our true essential identity is Pure Existence Consciousness and not any energy pattern. But we have a power -known as the ego mind body complex born to experience certain tastes .  This ego mind body complex is our apparent identity ( identity for the time being) . Deciphering this energy pattern and consciously knowing what we want is the first step towards happiness. 

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The analysis of Joy versus Excitement

Joy happens when you forget your individuality and it's problems for some time in some things which you attach immense value. Thus  it is an art of forgetting the personality (individual ego sense) in something more important, precious and immensely attractive. 

The extent and period of joy depends upon the nobility of your pursuit.

The more noble  and lofty your goal is ,the more identification you have- the more immense is your joy.

While achievements belong to the personality.   The excitement derived from achievements is short lived and hard to sustain.

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Follow your passion for joy in life

Paul Brunton shared some of his intimate experiences with Ramana Maharshi in his book 'A secret search in India'. 

He says 'the intellect creates its own problems and becomes miserable by trying to solve them.'

Mind, if not engaged, in a passionate work or job keeps on thinking unwarranted things and in that process becomes miserable itself. It (mind) likes pain.

Engage your mind (attention ) in something worthwhile.  Some passion some dream.

Joy of life  reveals itself when you follow your passion. A man who engages his talents and powers in some passion of choice finds satisfaction and reward in life. An ordinary life of regular events ( Ritualistic) cannot appeal to a man who sees through the manipulations and strategies of ambitious men. Men in chasing security and happiness pawn themselves to a rigid structure of life. Routine life can fulfil bodily (physical) needs . But ordinary life of routine and rituals cannot give us joy (emotional satisfaction ).

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Discover your self worth and true purpose of life

An Aryan  is one who is not fooled by individual aspiration.  He surrenders to the cosmic power and lives by its cosmic will. That cosmic power initiates him into the secrets of atma jnana.  His life trajectory is certain and will end auspiciously .

A Semetic is one who is caught up in his individual aspirations and resorts to strategy and planning.  He is at war with his fellow beings. He is on  uncertain trajectory and evil end. That is, an aryan is awake and sensitive.  He is awake to a presence and not to his mind.

Now I am to speak about the most important thing in Indian society. 

People in India over the years of foteign rule have developed a heavy pain - body and a sense of worth  based only on achievements and how you live. Our colonial masters wanted obedient slaves who would without questioning obey any instructions. The Upanishadic  background of the Vedas prevented them from obtaining what they wanted.

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Dharma - the order or harmony that sustains the world

When the Lord created the world, along with His creation, He revealed the Vedas. The Vedas were to guide people regarding spiritual and mundane matters iwherever tangible solutions couldn't be found. The unseen laws that govern His creation and His (God's imperceptible nature) were revealed through the Vedas. They were received by Rishis who transcended their own personalities.  That is, the Vedas are truths enunciated by God Himself (God as the Antaryamin or Atman seated in the Heart) to seers who could by His grace transcend the limitations of human intellect and thinking. The Vedas were revealed in Samadhi    ( absorption in God). In simple words God spoke those mantras to God ( as Rishis ) to  reveal His Tatva to God ( as aspirants or seekers). Vedas are revelations which spontaneously occur in the minds of Rishis who have merged their identities in God. So they are called 'Apaurusheya' meaning not contaminated by human mind or thinking.(transcedental). Vedas are the ultimate proof of existence of God.Vedas are known as sabda pramana - the ultimate testimony regarding spiritual and mundane matters.


The order that creates,sustains nourishes and annihilates the world is known as Dharma.

 Vedas are twofold - Pravritti lakshna ( rules and lifestyles pertaining to house holders) and Nivritti Lakshana (rules and regulations pertaining to Sanyasa ashrama or mendicancy ). Pravritti Lakshana refers to rites and rituals to accomplish specific goals  while nivritti lakshana refers to Upanishads that describe the nature of God  enabling us to contemplate upon and recognize His Tatva ( nature)


  The Karma kanda of the  Vedas  consists of  exhortations  that order us to 'do'  prescribed actions and prohibitions that ask us to refrain from prohibited  actions. The Vedas deal with our desires and  show us the ways to satisfy our genuine desires and needs. Until we mature enough to go beyond the mind and its cravings, Vedas like a loving affectionate mother, caters to our needs .


 When we mature enough to go beyond the cravings of the mind the very same Vedas enunciate the Supreme Truth of the Upanishads to us.


 That dharma  was practised by the adherents of Vedas. But as time elapsed corruption started and the mind of the votaries became susceptible to desire and aversion,. Intelligence got clouded and they stopped following the principles of the Vedas. Several corrupt faiths and religions sprouted like mushrooms on a decaying branch ( of a tree). All the corrupt religions were founded to suit the illegitimate interests of those who chose to follow them. The world is sustained by an order (a harmony). But the mind of the people grew malicious like  stagnant water  that has stopped flowing. Various wicked desires popped up that couldn't be fulfilled through the Vedic system.


 To cite an example,  suppose  the much anticipated movie of a superstar is to be  released today.  All those desirous to watch the first show are patiently waiting for their turn to buy the ticket from the counter (in a movie theater). Some smart fellows break the line and collectively threaten the man in the counter. They make him issue tickets by force.

Such are those religions started by some person on some day at some place.  Such religions that don't have the backing of sound philosophy or God experience utilize the power of numbers (mob) to bargain (threaten) with the rulers to satisfy  illegitimate wants. They smartly utilize the power of association or a mob to get things done , to  suit their unethical desires.


People chose to believe in such faiths to fulfill their illegitimate greed which otherwise is never possible through dharma.  Same is the case with people who deceive themselves by blindly following God - men and occultists. They  want to avoid the effort needed to follow the dharmic principles enunciated by the Vedas. They want to avoid devotion to God. Literally they want to outsmart God      ( the controller of our destiny) and His benign Will . They don't realize  that resorting to such smart shortcuts will do severe harm to themselves in the long run. Wicked desires and succumbing to temptations  are born out of compulsions emanating from a confused mind. These compulsions drive their natives to their own destruction .


Dharma alone triumphs in the long run.


On the contrary even when assailed by unethical thoughts, those wise persons who surrender to the power of the Antaryamin  (God in the Heart) are rescued by God's Grace. God's grace  manifests tangibly and becomes their succour. THE DESCENT OF GOD'S GRACE IS TERMED AS AN AVATAR IN HINDU RELIGION.  God's grace descended on Moses  (episode of the fire in the bush and revelation of dictum 'I am that I am') and chose him as the rescuer of the Jews . Grace possessed him and enabled him to rescue the Jews from the tyranny of the Pharaohs.


To save people collectively and punish evil doers He incarnates  in human semblance To save an idividual who has surrendered to God's will, His grace descends  as SABDA or DIVINE NAME.  The Divine name  is God's power; His capability , His vast resource in the WORD form. .


The Bible too states " In the beginning was the Word; the Word was with God and  the Word was God".Christ is regarded by Christians as the ' Word' in flesh and blood.


The Divine name or the Word is a current of Grace, a living flow from the source, that eradicates difficulties and obstructions and takes life  forward smoothly.  It is the Divine power in the capsule form of the Word  (Sabda). This Sabda eradicates all compulsions, deprivations and bestows on its aspirant the capability to lead a fruitful peaceful life.  The divine name is like a seed. The seed has the potency to sprout and grow into a huge tree. Similarly the practice of divine name though very simple and needs only minimum effort contains in itself all thr power to manifest as resources, attitude and environment at the appropriate time. The divine only needs regular practice with due reverence.

It even has the power to bless its votaries with absolute freedom or Godhood (Salvation). It is the bridge between  God and man that levels (eradicates) their perceived difference. The divine name or Sabda is known in yogic terminology as Aham Spurana or pulsation of I. In Christian terminology the name of God and the intuition  it bestows is associated with the Holy Spirit.


The Advaitins like Bhartrihari speak about  the mysterious power of the Word or Sabda.


Sabda contains in itself sphota that reveals the meaning to the listener. This mysterious power of 'Sabda' is so potent that when uttered  by a Mahatma, Sabda makes an ardent seeker recognize God or Atman in himself.  Great Mahatmas are made up of Sabda and not the visible forms of  bone , marrows and flesh.


 However the GOD'S NAME is ever available  only to those who honestly accept their incapacity,  or  inability to follow dharma on their own merit. Divine name comes to our rescur  when  assailed by compulsions, temptations,  deprivations or  negativity. Their honesty and sensitivity to truth and dharma endear them to God. To see things as they are and not as you wish them to be, combined with intimacy with  God leads a man to Divine name.


 Devotion to God  makes us access 'Sabda' or Grace  and 'Sabda' manifests  tangibly as chanting of  His   (God's) name . His grace enables the otherwise incapacitated man to live a fruitful and rewarding life. In short practice of chanting divine name gives you access to God's will and the strength to  abide by His will. It enables man to discover his long forgotten divinity to retrace his steps to Godhood! What could be more rewarding than that!

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