Activity and seeming inactivity are of Mother Nature.​ The SELF is beyond both

Once an elephant was walking from Mattancherry to Ernakulathappan temple for the annual festival. It so happened that an ant (urumbu) was busy creeping from the head of the elephant towards its tail. Will the ant  ever reach back mattancherry.?  Our activity and seeming inactivity are both of MOTHER NATURE. It is her active phase and inactive phase which we tend to superimpose on ourselves as our own . The causal body or aham (I ) the subtle body or mind and the gross body or physical belong to Nature. So we wake up , remain active exhaust ourselves then fall asleep.  All these,   whether waking dream or sleep belong to nature. Pair of opposites alternate in nature.  It is natural to think and dream and fall asleep.


While our  svaroopa or true identity is beyond our apparent nature.  It is neither activity nor inactivity.  It is what it is. A mass of consciousness aware of only its existence.  Self effulgent Consciousness.; which is peace and bliss. . 


When we recognize our true identity as self effulgent Consciousness  our apparent nature or mind knows to exhaust itself.  Maya or nature has inherent intelligence.  We need not and should not interfere in its working.  When we are in the train the train carries us. The train carries our burden.  We need not place our luggage on our head to claim that we are   carrying our burden.  In the same way MOTHER nature is carrying ourselves and our burden.  A wise man takes no responsibility of either himself or his burden.  Mother nature does everything.  She is the supporter . She nurtures us. She knows to carry our burden very well. We need not interfere and create problems.  Nature has its own intelligence.  She is all powerful.  She is all knowing. She is all pervading.   She is the power of the almighty God.

Only we have drop the idea of doing and enjoying.' I do I enjoy.'  'I am responsible are the wrong notions of asuras or demons.' It is the all powerful Nature which does and enjoys.  The cultured and the wise are fully aware of this truth.


Taking the name of God is a powerful aid to transcend duality. It is feeling the proximity of GOD, His Grace.  It is like the mother (Grace ) rocking the baby (devotee) to sleep on her lap


Proximity to Gauri or Shiva's power (Grace) makes you utter the name of Shiva.  In simple language when Gauri possesses you,  you by instinct chant name of Lord Shiva

Recognition of our true identity as consciousness makes us muse over His power or Grace. She or Sabda or God's power amuses the jnanis or men of recognition.

Divine Name is a Sanctuary


Those who lead a busy active life....of achievements of boasting their achievements to others...planning new achievements etc..they too while relating their stories may fall asleep. Or it may be  that the listener falls asleep.  We like to watch movies...are interested in the scandalous  life of actors and actresses.  Some are passionate after games..sports. Some fall in love , are interested in dating and mating. Some are interested in God and spirituality. In lectures on Vedanta.  If unable to grasp it they fall asleep.  Some are shopaholic; some workaholic . Thus the common urge in all is to forget oneself.'s worries anxieties.  The urge to sleep. .urge to mate  . Deep urge to forget the personality. For in forgetting our personality there is joy..elixir of life..personality is another name for change or death. And forgetting it is the way to immortality.  Ramana maharshi has said that ..Deep sleep is a source of impersonal pleasure. This is why we like it so much. Anything dear to our heart , any vision of extraordinary ineffable beauty may put our mind into trance.  This suggests to us that something we like the most...we love we admire    can make us forget ourselves. That which we like the most is our own self. When we begin to search for that bliss that blessed joy hidden in us...our inner Being our Self puts on a human semblance and initiates us into the divine name. The divine spanda the innermost core of our being. It is the path of devayana...path of light path of sabda. That initiation from the Divine happens by Grace of the divine. It frees us from the misery of remembering our persona .  DIVINE NAME CREATES A SANCTUARY IN US WHERE MISERY AND PERSONA CANNOT ENTER! It bears our burden of life and in turn introduces to the joy of life. The joy of life is not in  being this and that but  in the sheer joy of being; of just existence which is nothing but bliss and bliss alone!

Jnana vs Yoga

Jnana vs Yoga - Repose vs Effort


A good analogy from the attitudinal perspective (Bhava) compares Jnana to one's relationship with mother while Yoga is similar  to relation with the spouse. 
In Jnana the one entity  apparently appears as two (many) by illusion. The child before birth is part of mother. When born, the  child and  mother appear as separate entities. But the child is always emotionally and spiritually connected to its mother.  The umbilical cord bears evidence to this oneness. To get her attention or love there is no effort nor any  price to pay.  The mother always takes care of her child with unconditional love! The child belongs to the mother, is her part and is her responsibility. 

Yoga assumes the existence of two entities as real and seeks  to unite them.  The soul is different (separate ) from God and after due efforts and austerities gets united with God.
In marriage two different individuals from different circumstances try to unite in adulthood wedlock!
But being two different individuals brought up in different circumstances they have to try to please each other;  do lots of adjustments and  pretensions to satisfy whims and fancies even against real wish  thus paying  the price of maintaining the relationship. 
Lot of careful conscious attention and efforts are called for. The  responsibilities multiply after marriage while child is care free as its mother provides for it . 

In Jnana,  the One appears to have become two;  though no slightest change has ever happened in the One. Only an illusion of two is seen.  Jnana is the Recognition of the ever- present Truth or sole Reality. It removes the veil of illusion  of ego- mind complex and reconnects to the ever existing substratum of  self effulgent Being or Existence! 

But in yoga which presupposes viyoga ( duality or separation) ... through conscious efforts and practice, attempts are made to unite the individual soul with the Supreme  (God).  It is the realization of a new state that is not,  at present. The concept of union may vary from faith to faith. All the different religions and their prophets - preachers are responsible for the extreme violence that the world has witnessed. The religions that promised  peace and prosperity here and union with God in paradise hereafter,  rather caused the most dreaded  genocides in human history!
Recognizing the One Entity -the sole Reality behind all apparent forms and worshipping It is Jnana.
While Yoga is assuming that multiplicity exists; exerting to dissolve the multiplicity in singular consciousness ... Exertion creates a new state and a feeling that 'I have attained the Truth! '. A sort of self deception! 

While in Jnana the recognition of the ever-present Truth by surrender  or enquiry completely eradicates the ego- mind complex freeing oneself from its clutches forever.  Only Peace is the residue. No ego survives the recognition of Truth. Mind completely loses its importance ! What the yogi misses is the Truth that the many (multiplicity ) that nature throws before us, is an illusion - a creation of the mind. This mind itself disappears in deep sleep leaving a residue of only peace. But the yogi is so enamoured of creation , action and his ego that he ignores his own profound state of Oneness in deep sleep. For this mistake he falls into the vortex of action ( doing) than being attentive to his own (being) existence in deep slumber






A human being has three states of experience in  his life. The state of waking, the state of dream and the state of sleep. Life consists of these three experiences. Only a person who is too much obsessed with success and achievements gives paramount importance to the waking state. Waking state is only a minutest aspect of life. It is just the tip of the iceberg. The other two states especially the deep sleep state is very profound. We experience the unlimited Infinite in that state. A person who is mature and pure,  naturally is inclined to unravel the deep mystery behind this blessed state of deep sleep.  Though our persona is felt in the waking and dream states, everyone of us experiences the loss of personality in deep sleep state. In that profound state we exist just as the  experience. We exist just as consciousness. Consciousness that is just  aware of itself. Self effulgent. From it sprouts the individual just as shadows arise at dusk. Worship of God really happens when we get interested in ourselves. When our energy,  our curiosity,  our interests shift from the world we experience to the experiencer, real worship of God as the antaryamin starts. Antaryamin is the witnessing consciousness in our heart. Thus when the HIDDEN BEING in us,  in our Heart Cavern calls us to its side real puja begins. We tend to forget our mundane personality and dream of our Beloved . Here the chit shakti or power of that inner Being (God) takes you by hand and guides you till your persona ....the individual is completely lost in that Infinite. When you see, come face to face with God and His self illuminating power,  there is an unstoppable urge in you to worship God, to do puja.... to chant His Name and sing His ineffable love for you. Here you actually find yourself doing puja.  A deep urge to unite with the beloved! The beloved plays the game of hide and seek with you. Just as the Sun and its reflection. Devotion arises and surges filling you with bliss and gratitude!


Sleep is a type of profound solitude.  We never get bored of sleeping. Do we?  What is that is so much interesting in sleep!  Why do we like it. Because we love our own company the most. We spontaneously love ourselves!  That blissful existence bereft of 'I' is that which makes us like sleep so much! Egoless existence is true bliss and peace.  Whatever is foreign and doesn't belong to us should be given up. Then alone we find true bliss and meaning in life!  Bliss is in that solitude where even our 'I' ness or the person is absent!  This true bliss,  happiness and peace is in real solitude!

Solitude is peace,  is bliss.  To be with oneself or ones with whom we strongly identify is solitude.  To be away from all that is foreign to us, or that we don't  know   or  dont love to know is solitude.  Solitude is life!

While in the waking state we engage in all sorts of activities and excitement . Thus we get exhausted.  Then we fall asleep.  Thereby our energy gets refreshed. That means power to recharge ourselves is harnessed from deep sleep.  Even doctors recommend sleep to patients as the best remedy and healing power.  All power lies in that 'I' less Existence we experience in profound sleep.  Power is not in aquisition or association but in true solitude.




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