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Dear brother

                  Human being consists of two components – the constant REALITY and the variable apparent PERSONA. That which is constant in us needs our attention for it is our real nature, our essential nature – the essential stuff with which we are made of. This Real Identity is constant, never waxes or wanes according to – say circumstances, situations, luck , evil or good company. Time  or Space cannot corrupt or erode this Identity, as it is Transcendental.  It is the only real entity, hence absolutely independent and self effulgent like the Sun shining by its own light resplendently in the horizon.  So you can always bank upon this identity as it is changeless.  That entity can be translated in language as simply- BEING or EXISTENCE.

                          But the other component of a human being, is his persona or personality (world plus mind) like the moon. An illusionary identity better said as a mask that can only masquerade your real Identity. Human weakness or ‘sin’ lies in falling into the enticing web of this false illusory PERSONA mistaking it for the Real. Persona in Latin means a mask.  It is a veil like thing that is dependent on so many variables. Like time, luck, situation, circumstances, people you associate, place of living, condition of your job, sector of work, the type of government  in your country and its policies, etc etc. It (Persona) is so interdependent on all these set of variables that you can never trust or depend on it. It itself being an illusion changes according to   even a small change in  any of these deciding variables. Once luck favours you , you enjoy success  and get elated.  If misfortune is your lot, you get failures and fall into depression. This is quite natural as long as you are in the illusion that the persona is the real You.

  Now my advice to you is, be careful when you form opinion of ‘ YOURSELF’. For it is the most crucial factor that can cast paramount influence in your life and  shape the aura that accompanies you all your life.  It is always wise to go by what your wisdom tells about you rather that what other people think about you or  the opinion that situations conjure up  for you.   In other words do not allow strangers (others) or situations dictate terms and conditions to you. When you image yourself take care that you get the correct image of your identity based on your REAL ESSENTIAL UNCHANGING CONSTANT NATURE. Do not believe in other’s opinion.  Every one is a stranger to you including your parents. No one can understand you, as you can. You can know a lot about yourself by probing deep inside. By knowing, understanding Vedanta (thoughtless Awareness – your real nature) you form correct opinion about yourself. The distorted opinion that VARIABLES including your mind, others around you , life situations present to you  ; in fact  force upon  you, need only be thrown away as trash. By having a real understanding about your true identity  you get the courage to shine like the Sun ,  not dependent on anything else- SVARAT- or SWAMI ‘One who rules himself- not ruled by anyone else’


 The hindus are ardent votaries of the Sun god. So they  chant Gayatri . Although all deities have their own Gayatri mantra the  original one belongs to Surya .

“May the Bhargas ( self illuminating potency or light) of the adorable Sun god ( Savita – the progenitor of universe)  guide my intelligence “


 The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad revealed by Sun god to Yajnavalkya Maharishi says

  “Esha Brahmanasya mahima na vardhate karmana no  kaniyan”

 The greatness of a Brahmana is That which neither waxes nor wanes with Karma.

 Meaning his greatness springs forth from the Constant, Changeless, Immutable Atman!

 The crux of this write up is that form opinions about yourself based only upon the right Identity of Self, not on the false image of self (ego or personality) conjured up by persons, situations, luck – mind and other external factors which are constantly changing. Your self -image accompanies your all through your life and even the next incarnation.  I can promise you this that if you change your self image for the good based on valid  real Identity seated in your heart, your life situations will  certainly change for the better. So take care!


Recognition of the Divine happens to Divine itself!


We find that in the modern world, Vedanta is getting immensely popular. Despite mushrooming of ashrams and retreat centres and ever increasing number of audiences listening to spiritual lectures, why is it that elementary tenets of Vedanta are not being grasped? Why is it that instead of recognizing divinity in ourselves we tend to worship god-men and spiritual personalities? Why is it that our intellect is not able to grasp the simple truth that “I am” God ( Aham Brahmasmi )?

The human world is full of problems, strife and competition, excitement and frustration, happiness and melancholy. A human intellect cannot see God. To see God in us as our essence we need divine intelligence. Great Scriptures like Srimad Bhagavatha speak of three varieties of Aham or ego. The first two  the Rajasika Aham and the Tamasika Aham interact with each other to create a world of conflicting thoughts, goals, ambitions, excitement, frustration and chaos. The Rajasika Aham is the seer or the perceiver and the Tamasika Aham is the seen or the perceived.  The three states of waking, dreaming and deep sleep correspond to Tamasika Aham(Perceived or gross world), the Rajasika Aham (the Perceiver or the subtle world) and the Satvika Aham (peace of deep sleep). Satvika Aham is the bliss and peace in deep sleep state or the meditative poise of the Mantra (Samadhi).

Usually human cognition keeps alternating between the two states of waking and dream (Tamsika Aham and Rajasika Aham—the seen and the seer). Both in these states, we perceive multiplicity while in the state of profound sleep- condensed, dense bliss is experienced. In deep sleep we exist despite the absence of perception of duality or multiplicity. The world does not linger in our mind. Yet we are aware of our presence and the bliss of sleep. To recognize the Self or Atman as it is that is  self- effulgent ‘Being’, which is nothing but bliss, we have to intuit unconditioned presence in us. That is, a conditioned being or a human enmeshed in its world of duality (perceiver, perception and the perceived) cannot recognize the unconditioned self -effulgent ‘Being’ or Atman. It has to do away with its conditioning or adjuncts. In other words, Self- effulgent ‘Being’ or Atman cannot be grasped by a thinking mind. In order to do away with the conditioning, an ardent seeker of Truth has to renounce the Tamasika and Rajasika ego (the perceived and the perceiver) in the fire of the mantra or the Deity (Satvika Aham). Once all conditioning or adjuncts are done away with, the consciousness which is the residue, recognizes its inherent nature of self effulgence and bliss. Thus the Divine is recognized by the Divine and never by the human .All human conditioning is burnt in the Mantra which is synonymous with the deity or svabhava. After doing away with svabhava you recognize your svaroopa.


To a sincere seeker of the Truth, everything happens by itself. All blessings come to him by chance. Sincere seeking of the truth is followed by the Mantra Guru and in turn by Jnana Guru. So the first and foremost duty of a man who wants peace with himself, peace with his fellow beings , peace with the world, is to seek the truth about himself, his real identity or what he is in essence!   For the power of Truth is paramount in this world.(Satyameva Jayathe or Truth alone triumphs). What we are in essence has to assert itself, one day over what we take us to be!



Seed of Fear

Confounding 'I' to be matter - Seed of fear


Fear and insecurity come from unverified assumptions. Darkness evokes fear in us. The unknown evokes fear in us. We assume because we are not sure. How can one be sure? Only by verifying and knowing what is what? Knowledge is not merely a concept but  conviction from own experience 

  "I and mine "are the basic units by which  we perceive the world. But do we know about these basic units?

It is just as measuring thousands and lakhs without knowing the basic unit of one! Only by knowing "whom am I" can one know the world and God.


Nammalwar, a great mystic, in a pasuram (prayer) tells God that until he realized the truth about "I and mine" he assumed that he is separate from Him. On removing the veil by His grace he realized  what this 'I'  and 'mine' truly denoted.  It simply meant God and God alone.

"I"is the centre of all perception. Without knowing it, all other information is mere assumption .  'I' and 'mine'  is the  primordial manifestation of  divinity or the eternal being. Confounding it to be the  egoistic identity is due to ignorance 

All the vices in our own mind and the world at large are really virtues masking themselves  as vices due to our confounding  the 'I'  to be matter. Our real 'I' is the Spirit, the essence of both God and world. Sin and devil are mere concepts and are not real.

So verify. Find the truth. Never believe. One should know one's need by intuition. Or else need becomes greed due to fear and insecurity. Relentless,  unrestrained pursuit of pleasure in a frenzied manner sucks you up into a vortex of pain.



Personality is unique response to an external stimuli. Recognize  that you are not the personality  but the witnessing consciousness. Personality is always in flux (changing ) and is an energy pattern, a part of the cosmic energy. You misapprehend it to be yours while all the while it belongs to the cosmic Energy. You are the unchanging consciousness witnessing the play of energy. Dis - identifying with your persona frees that energy and it merges in the cosmic energy. By this supremely rewarding recognition of Truth your sense of identity is freed from the vortex of constant change of energies (thinking).  From thinking attention shifts to just 'Being'.  Upasana or meditation is any practice repeated to access presence  so as to take control of our persona's response to any situation or stimuli.
When individual energy play based on the unethical perspective ":what is in it for me " ceases, cosmic energy takes over and harmony is experienced. Pursuits based on assumed wrong identification of "I and mine" for personal pleasures, disregarding  others' good and happiness  continue even after many rebuttals.  This mind-born persistence to prove yourself in a chosen field leads to fixed compulsive behaviours which may not be suitable for the given situation. Due to this obsession other favorable  options or alternatives are lost sight of.
The Recognition of Truth which frees one from all compulsive behaviour patterns of the  'persona' occurs due to grace of Antaryami (Inner controller)or Guru. Such person without individual identity, who is the Infinite -  is not rigid and best options occur by chance  due to receptivity to the play of cosmic energy!

I belong to God and God belongs to me !

Both these statements look similar! But a huge difference underlies them. If we adopt God , He  becomes our burden ( child). If He adopts us, we become His burden.

The spirituality that we create out of our individual volition is an appearance (illusion) , a good feeling at the most. But the spirituality that happens in life due to Grace is deep, beyond the mind ego complex, so it culminates in God experience or simply put thoughtless Being.
The Lord sends death or misery as the forerunner to grace. On encountering death ( of loved ones ) or misery, one  becomes aware of a power above human effort  and ego that controls our lives. We surrender to It and on surrender It reveals Its true form by its own grace. Grace chooses a form according to our need and reveals the Truth ( Being without the mind)  as our own very nature. Thus RECOGNIZING our own very Nature as Being ( Existence without thought) we become free from -  seeming individuality and its miseries of volition, thought, anticipation,anxiety and effort. 
What Grace can confer on us , we cannot create for ourselves by any amount of effort, planning and skills.
It is Grace of that Existence - Consciousness  - Bliss ( God or our essential nature) that frees us from the seeming indomitable tyrant - thought or mind.

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