The Perfect Way to Remember God

The perfect way to remember God is to be God! This fact may be surprising; yet it is the naked truth.

A question is asked in the work ‘Saddarshanam’ of Sri Ramana Maharishi, in the very first verse (sloka). It is quoted below:

“ Without the existence of the Reality can there be a feeling of existence as ‘I am’? That Reality which is existence alone shines in centre of experience called the heart. Hence it is known as the ‘heart’. Who can contemplate on that Reality which is beyond the mind with the help of the mind? How can that be done? Remaining as that existence (in unison with that existence) is realizing it. Realize this through experience”


The lines “Katham smaramha tam amayem ekam?” bring out this beautiful question pregnant with meaning ‘How can that existence- Reality be contemplated?’ The answer lies in the next line.

Tasya smritir tatra dhridaiva nishta”


This line contains the simple answer to this stunning puzzle.

The real question is how that Reality can be contemplated. Can it be thought of through the mind? The answer is ‘No’. It cannot be contemplated with the mind. Why? Because that Reality shines in the centre called ‘heart’ free from all thoughts; because that Realty cannot be known through a thought. No thought can touch it, not even approach it. The Taittiriya Upanishad reads:


“Not able to know it, the mind and the speech come back”.

Why? That Reality is ‘Ameya’ and ‘Ekam’ meaning ‘immeasurable’ and ‘one alone’. It alone exists as the centre of experience. As it is immeasurable and one with out a second (unique), it cannot be objectified and there is infact no one else know it. That Reality is infinite or ‘Bhuma’.

The Infinite is that where one does not see anything else, does not hear anything else and does not understand anything else.


It is the substratum on which thoughts arise, stay and disappear. That Reality is pure unadulterated dense consciousness while thoughts and the mind belong to the realm of inert matter.

Then the next question is ‘how to remember God or that Reality’? The answer is to merge one’s own pseudo existence into that ‘Existence – Reality’ and remain as it is.


Until one’s identification with mind ceases and realization dawns, one should be the witness of one’s thoughts. We constantly hear a voice in our head which judges, comments, compares, likes, dislikes etc. This is because the voice belongs to a conditioned mind which is the result of our past history as well as of the collective cultural mindset we inherited. So we see the present coloured by the past. It causes misery and unhappiness. We can free ourselves from our mind. As a first step, we can start listening to the voice in our head as often as we can. Listen to it impartially without judging or condemning. Be a witness of the thoughts. Just listen to it. That is all. If this happens, then one has elevated oneself to be the witnessing consciousness. We will soon realize that we are not the thoughts but the awareness of thoughts. Thus the mind and its hold on us are lessened to a great extent.

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